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Breathe Arts Logo Coveted Artworks. Curated shows. Attractive prices.

Breathe Arts

We are back with hearty wishes and gratitude for the overwhelming support you have extended towards our humble endeavor. We look forward to carry our patronage and service you better month per month.

Our brand new home page advertises exhibition posters for our current and upcoming shows. Should you wish to advertise your important shows on our homepage kindly write to sales@breathearts.com.

To showcase your works with us please send your details to breathearts@gmail.com

Indian Art is a Crowded Market
India Art Summit 20/23 January 2011, Delhi.

Delhi became the theatre for the largest showcase of modern and contemporary art in India during the recently conducted Indian art summit from the 20th to the 23rd of January. With over 80000 visitors from across 17 Indian and 67 around the world cities and two millions of transactions made the 3rd edition of art fair the largest to date. The massive participation also went on to highlight the ever changing habits of art buyers with respect to the Indian art. The event attracted art lovers, investors, to critics commendable for contemporary art. The massive sales just went onto confirm up swing and positive market trend.

The event succeeded in exploring art. Apart from exhibitions of galleries the event facilitated talks by famed artist, curators of national and international platforms. The event succeeded in making the art galleries available to vast target. Where everyone could approach art and let their interest blossom.

The event succeeded in positioning Indian contemporary art and artist on the international platform.

Breathe Arts aims to be an intermediary between the artist and the art market, reaching a global audience of the fledgling and seasoned collectors with a presence in Dubai, Düsseldorf, London, New York, Sydney. Breathe Arts welcomes Artists and galleries to promote their artworks through available spaces on the website and in the monthly Newsletter.

Breathe Arts sends about 60,000 newsletters every month to local and global critics and curators, museums, art consultants, cultural institution, art collectors, galleries, art publishers and artists.

Should you wish to reach out to our readers through our newsletter? You can reach us onsales@breathearts.com.

Art Retreat at Zorba The Buddha
Breathe Arts in concomitance to the INDIA ART SUMMIT has organized an Art Retreat at Zorba the Buddha, a special eco-lifestyle village in Delhi.

Among the artists were invited: Rajan Krishnan, Manish Nai, Siddhartha Kararawal, Yogesh Rawal, Sunil Kumar, TM Azis, Amruta Shah, Malavika Rajanarayan, Gurunathan and Sunil Sree.

From 20th to 24th January a carefully planned itinerary was organized with daily trip to art summit. The retreat was scheduled alternating cultural evenings and food for the soul for artist, in spiritual and relaxing encounters.

All the collateral artistic events are purposely planned in order to feed the gluttony of art in the most peaceful and natural environment. ”

Breathe Arts has been featured in the ET highflier on 8th February.
The article featured Breathe Arts as a platform for the online art space. The article ‘For art’s sake’ was for entrepreneurs who have chalked out a way to promote Indian art online and endorsed the effectiveness of this business model through their ventures. “There is a layer of transparency in terms of pricing and sales. We have a robust marketing and sales team who build a global network” added Gandhi……” read more

“Shopping For Souza” – An Article On Breathe Arts in Mumbai Boss.
“On January eleventh 2011, Breathe Arts was featured in Mumbai Boss in culture section. The article profiled Breathe Arts as an affordable new e – commerce website that sells curated inventory online. You can buy clothes and coffee mugs from the comfort of your living room, so why not art? A new e-commerce site called Breathe Arts hopes to fulfill couch potato dreams by selling a curated inventory of Indian art online.…..” read more

Market your important shows to a global audience through Breathe Arts

Every painting is the result of a syncretism combining digital print, watercolours, metallic colours. Kasa Vinay’s work is a critic to the mundane time we live, where everything becomes a deal.

“Lost values for currency” looks like an ironic joke of words. But the modern life seems to have lost principles and money has overlapped truthful feeling, thoughts and relationship. Kasa Vinay’s focus points at currency as the ultimate step of this dynamic. It can be a stamp, it can be a suggested icon of a celebrity, or shiny car, everything is measured in terms of money.

Coalmine online is an Internet gallery where you can view exhibitions shown at the renowned Coalmine Photo Gallery in Winterthur, Switzerland. It features the work of upcoming and established photographers from Switzerland and abroad. The two new exhibitions currently on show perfectly illustrate the gallery’s stylistic breadth. “China after Mao” is a selection of documentary photographs by Pulitzer Prize-winning Chinese photographer Liu Heung Shing. “Real Flow”, by emerging photographer Jan Vorisek, showcases the possibilities of digital manipulation explored by a member of the latest generation of European artists. Enjoy your visit to Coalmine online!

Each photo is a window to Indian reality, where a flow of diversities are embraced in the same world. In Irene’s work one can find past and future sharing the same frame, as well as loneliness and multitude, or animal and human beings, and opposite are integrated in a contemporary state of space and time. The visual journey speaks about complexity of magmatic life where everything in here and now.

Every click is continuous discover of new details reveling to us. It’s a dialogue of polarities more and more talkative.

Coming Soon View More Coming Soon
Selling through Breathe Arts
Selling through Breathe Arts is simple and easy. You may consign to our inventory catalogue at a fixed price or to one of our online exhibitions. To showcase your works exclusively to Breathe Arts please send us your details with (i) 200 word Artist Profile and Picture (ii) Title of the work (iii) Year (iv) Size (v) Signature along with the Provenance and Authenticity Certificate to sales@breathearts.com.

Should you wish to sell your work through a recommended exhibition on Breathe Recommends we would be happy to exhibit your show in association with Breathe Arts. For more details please write to sales@breathearts.com.

Breathe Arts is an online art portal providing access, by invitation only, to the finest modern, contemporary and tribal Indian art, and coveted artists’ works at very attractive prices showcasing works of Indian artists in the emerging, developing, established, and blue chip range. Breathe Arts offers respected opinions, attractive pricing and efficient online transactions.

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Our mailing address is: 43 44, Ferena, Off Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai – 400 005, India.
Our telephone: +91 22 2287 5362, +91 98211 04904

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