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Breathe Arts: A one stop destination for all Contemporary Indian Art lovers

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India is a very opulent and vibrant country when it comes to art and culture.  Today, Indian Art is very much appreciated all across the world. Indian Art can be classified in its modern, contemporary as well as in its traditional forms. Indian Art branches out into different kinds of artworks like Tribal and folk arts, fresco, sculptures, Madhubani art, Batik painting, Pahari painting, Lepakshi painting etc. However, the popularity of the modern contemporary Indian Art has picked up massively in the recent past.  There are a lot of art galleries in the world who showcase Indian Art, however, there are a very few of them which exhibit traditional Indian Art forms in particular.

Breathe Arts is an Online Art Gallery which showcases both Modern & Contemporary Indian art artworks by different renowned artistes across the globe. It is a one stop online destination which all the ardent Indian art lovers must visit. Breathe Arts is a Contemporary Art Gallery where you will find ethereally beautiful contemporary, modern and tribal Indian Art works on web. Moreover, they also showcase some wondrous photographs and a collection of Film Memorabilla which includes some painted posters of a several Hindi film which cannot be found easily in any other Indian Contemporary Art Gallery. Breathe Arts is a unique Online Gallery presence which has a live help feature to assist any sales or shipping related queries of any additional information required by the client in real time.

Being an influential Art Gallery in the Indian Art industry, Breathe Arts has its take on everything relevant to arts. Under Breathe recommends section on the Breathe Art webpage, Breathe Arts recommends artists, shows and artworks. Breathe Arts gives ratings to the artists based on their critical and commercial success and pick of the season is Breathe Arts’ recommendation of the coolest works and best deals on Breathe Arts. Breathe Arts is an online Art Gallery which makes life simpler for all the art lovers by bringing art just a click away!


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May 28, 2011 at 10:18 am

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