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Breathe Arts: An Exquisite Online Art Portal

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Shopping for Art has more or less been a physically exhausting process, which typically involves endless walks in the never ending alley of numerous Art galleries. This never ending hunt for the best suited artwork continues until you find your kind of master piece. Breathe Arts, therefore offers you, an exquisite Art Gallery Website that showcases and sells modern, contemporary and tribal Indian art works. It provides you the access, by invitation only, to the vibrant collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations of the diversified range of upcoming, emerging and established blue-chip Indian artists.

Breathe Arts is an Art Gallery Website that strongly believes in the concept of ‘Art for all’ and therefore encourages artists from all age groups with an aesthetically appealing talent. It offers services like personalized buying and selling of any Art work, across the Globe with affordable prices. The exchange of creativity is simplified by this Art Gallery Website that conducts various online exhibitions of contemporary, modern and tribal Indian Art, chosen by featured curators that last for 6-8 weeks. Breathe Arts introduces these exhibitions with the artist’s profile and a note by the expert curator along with a list of upcoming shows. In addition to this, Breathe Arts, on a timely basis updates and recommends various shows, Artists and offers an overview of some of the best works on ‘pick of the season’.

Breathe Arts, is an Art Gallery Website introduced in 2009 and already has affiliations in the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, Australia, Düsseldorf, Dubai, New York, Sydney and London. It acts as a dedicated intermediary between the art source and the proliferating international and national market for the modern, contemporary and tribal Indian art.
With an existing database of over 50,000 critics, curators, collectors, museums, institutions,  galleries and auction houses world wide, Breathe Arts is an Art Gallery Website that combines the aesthetic approach with a well grounded art market perspective.


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May 29, 2011 at 11:39 am

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