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Acquring Indian Art

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Art is probably the only asset that you can roll up in a tube and carry with you wherever you go. Unlike immovable real estate investments, your paintings can travel with you. So if you are the type that does not invest in real estate because you never know how long you’ll end up staying in a particular country, collecting Art is a perfect way to contribute to the cultural heritage of a country and also the best way to get yourself a life while you also add to your lifestyle. Collecting Art has always been perceived as the privilege of the few in elite circles. Whilst that may hold true for works of established modern masters , there is a whole spectrum of  emerging and developing artists whose works are affordable and classify as good future investments with a long horizon. Investing in Art of a certain country is really making an investment in the economy of that country so investing in Indian art would be considered investing in the view on the Indian economy.

Even alternative media viz photography, film memorabilia, tribal art are relatively inexpensive forms of art and can well tell a story. Your collection no matter how big or small in value has to be about ‘you’ at some level and connect with your story.  It begins with a fond notion or a concept that you can relate to and from there on you build it up into a passion for collecting objects or photographs or paintings that speak to you. For example at Breathe Arts, we believe in the cyclical nature of creation and in that very spirit of receiving, we strongly believe in giving back. Our green approach is reflected not only in our philosophy but also in our selection of artists and Art Works.

So building your own Art Collection could get you to know your city in a way you had never before known. Art has always been a conversation starter and you could add you friends to your network along the way and create admirers for your collection. Some contemporary galleries worth a mention in Mumbai are Chemould, Pundole, C&L, Volte, BMB. To make your journey of squiring Art works easier, simpler and transparent, Breathe Arts brings you 600 works on the online inventory of art to choose from a fine selection of modern, contemporary, tribal, photography, film memorabilia of emerging, developing and established artists.


Written by Breathe Arts

May 30, 2011 at 12:41 pm

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