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The Arty Mumbai!

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Mumbai! Known as the city of dreams and the New York of India,  is by far the most intriguing city in India. Being the home of Bollywood and many other media houses, Mumbai is said to be the creative hub of the country. However, people overlook the richness of this city when it comes to art. There is a vibrant art scene in Mumbai with a very niche art fraternity consisting of artists, curators, collectors, critics, Art Galleries, auction houses, museums and institutions and art lovers.

Breathe Arts is a virtual Art Gallery based in Mumbai, and unlike other conventional Art Galleries, it is an Art Gallery which showcases and sells Indian Contemporary Art to the global platform online. So, although it is an Art Gallery based in Mumbai, it is accessible to people across the globe on the web. So, one can go through the inventory and find an array of Contemporary Indian Artworks and make purchases if interested on this Online Art Gallery based in Mumbai. We ship art works to anywhere in the world.

Apart from being the place of residence for a lot of renowned artists and art galleries, Mumbai also hosts a big Arts Festival every year christened as Kala Ghoda Festival. For about 10 days, Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda area and the Rampart row leading up to the Lion Gate gets transformed into a mini-carnival, hosting a cornucopia of events and exhibitions, showcasing the best of the opulent Indian art and culture. The language of music, dance and knows no boundaries and binds all people in oneness that transcends hatred, strife and divisions. The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is an expression of the inclusiveness of art where all gather in a joyous spirit of celebration of the finest talents producing momentous and uplifting work. A lot of Artistes and owners of different Art Galleries in Mumbai visit this festival. So, now you know that Mumbai is not known as the creative hub of India just because of Bollywood, Mumbai also has an arty side it.


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May 31, 2011 at 11:58 am

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