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MF Husain’s Demise: An Immeasurable Loss!

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The death of M.F. Hussian is an irreparable loss for the Indian art world. I spoke to his daughter Raisa while she was on her way to London to meet her ailing father and to his son Shafaat who had just returned from London after seeing his father recover. The news of his demise this morning came as a shocker, his absence will definitely be felt by the entire art fraternity.
The loss of this genius from the art world may cause a great upheaval in the art market. The value of all his works may soar to the skies like it happened in the case of Tyeb Mehta. There are two theories regarding the affect of his death on the art world. One was that the value will skyrocket after his death, which most probably will turn out to be true for his published works with superb provenance. However for all those marginal works that only sold on the peripherals with his name will obviously stand no chance of a sale given to the controversies related to some of his works with questionable provenance and authenticity.
As a curator I can only say there is no explanation necessary for those who understand the value of art and an artist and for those who don’t, none will suffice. The market is such a leveler, any event in the market always favors some and proves to be a loss for others. For most of us in the art fraternity, this loss is immeasurable.
On a brighter note though, a legend such as M F Hussian shall always make his presence felt in our hearts & our collections through his masterpieces. May his soul rest in peace!


Written by Breathe Arts

June 9, 2011 at 10:29 am

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