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Unlike Indian dance and music where the most charming modes and sweetest strains disappear before they are understood, Indian Art captures the emotions and expressions and retains the impact for a long period. Painting is essentially a combination of lines, forms, colors, tones, texture and space. It attempts to convey the spoken and unspoken expressions with the strokes of a brush.

Indian Art gives you a varied range of choices as it differs from region to region, and from period to period. From primitive times to the period of civilizations, Indian Art has been the visual documentation of man’s thoughts, and experiences. It has illustrated the walls of the caves, temples, and palaces, or dried leaved and cloth in the form of phadas, patachitras and coverlets.
Illustrated manuscripts in palm leaf folios in the medieval period were later replaced by paper. The painting of any given region and period provides an insight to the cerebral and cultural sensibilities of the people who executed them. The styles are influenced by the local traditions and cross-cultural interaction.

Like any other country, these factors were true forIndiatoo. Besides these, the unique geographical positioning ofIndia, played a significant role in the flowering of distinct regional styles.

The multihued painting traditions, which developed like the murals, Chaurapanchasika (CPS Group), miniatures, scroll painting, madhubani, lepakshi, etc contributed to the cultural legacy ofIndiaand laid the foundation of successive genres. Ethnic Indian art brings to you the varied painting styles from the treasure trove ofIndia. They have their distinct painting style, regional and periodic characteristics. Browse through them and experience Indian Art.

www.breathearts.com one such space where you can experience tribal, contemporary, Modern Indian art, film memorabilia and photography of one of the highest aesthetic caliber. It is an experiential Indian art platform.


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January 20, 2012 at 7:43 am

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