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Indian Art in the 21st century

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Throughout centuries Indian art has transformed itself into as many ways possible and has only evolved more and more with time. Indian Art has been put through a lot of challenges through different eras of time and centuries later it is still evolving and advancing by the day. In the olden days a masterpiece of Indian Art was defined simply by the outcome of the whole process of painting with limited supplies supported only by the love for art and the intellect to go with it.

Indian Art has matured over time with its knack for crossing the boundaries of realism and the rules of drawing associated in it, making intellectual efforts in understanding reality in pursuit of the modern technology. It is evident that the pace of its transformation is fast and enduring. So, what is artistic design in this modern age that helps add quality to a piece of good art work? Its meaning transcends the elusive metaphors and technical wonders of our time.

An artistic design in the 21st Century is highly influential. It is important to keep in mind here that although use of technology for Indian Art is not a sin since it’s already established that if used only to enhance the quality of a painting it can convert a good work of Indian art into a masterpiece. One should not forget that powerful computer graphics can never replace the original creativity of a mind. Graphics should be used as a tool in this process of creating a masterpiece but not as the only source to do so!

Let us also not forget that a man becomes more creative when his capacities are not bounded by restrictions, when he is capable of manipulating impressive tools not to conceal his creativity but to enhance it more. It can be said that it is through these high-technology graphics can an artist be able to use his artistic prowess better to reach people in new ways, to draw people closer into their art, and to add to a viewer’s sense of self-worth.

Indian Art in the 21st century is a combination of an intellectual and aesthetic mind, passion for art with remarkable knowledge of the graphic technology that can help enhance a good work of art. The right use of the graphic technology can help turn a good piece of art into a masterpiece which would match international standards taking Indian art to a global platform.

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January 20, 2012 at 8:02 am

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