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how to acquire art

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how to Acquire Art:
With the boom in Indian economy, everything Indian is hot. Indian Art
then shares the same status, as for most people that want to own a
piece of India’s rich cultural heritage, acquiring a work of Indian
masters or established Indian artists seems to be the closest they can
get to their vision. Some of the well known masters of Indian art
worth acquiring based on your bedget off course would be MF Husain, SH
Raza, Tyeb Mehta, VS Gaitonde, FN Souza, Jehangir Sbavala, KG
Subramaniam, Akbar Padamsee,  and amongst the contemporary stars would
be artists like Anish Kapoor, Jitish Kallat, TV Santosh, Atul Dodiya,
Anju Dodiya, Bharti Kher, Subodh Gupta, NS Harsha. There are many
galleries offering works of both the Modern and contemporary artists.
Whilst buying a work of art, one must watch out for period, the
aesthetic quality of a work, the subject,  the provenance and off
course the price. If you don’t have an eye you can rely on, you can
take the advise of many consultants who will help you aquire a work
suited for your collection. There are great bargains available on art
works in these times and it might be a good time to buy but one has to
be careful of what one buys in times like these. There are many
tempting value wise deals that come up, but might have little future
appreciation to offer. It might be best to check with your fellow
collectors, galleries, and consultants before you choose to buy a work
of art. Off course there is another school of thought that states that
you buy what you like but I would add to that ‘buy what you like
within what might I also make a good investment for future’ However,
art cannot be compared to any other investment asset class, as it has
it’s own unique position. It is not a liquid asset and hence your
primary reason should stem from patronising the arts and culture visa
via trading and investing. With that in mind you buy only that which
you will enjoy on your walls for the longest time.  Also in uncertain
times it is best be risk averse and buy only those artists works that
have gone down in history. Contrary to this is the belief that for
young artists at affordable price points and good exhibition history
there is always a market and primary galleries viz Mirchandani &
Steinruecke, Volte, C& L, Chemould, are some such galleries that
showcase cutting edge young talent. Then there are established older
galleries viz Vadehra an d Pundole and auction houses like Christies,
Sothebys, Saffronart that showcase rare collectible works from time to
time and the advantage of buying from one of these is the quality of
the work and the provenance. Published works command a premium as they
are established provenance by the virtue of being in public auctions.
Also there are the new online spaces which are convenient and offer
competitive price advantages like www.breathearts.com where one can
view and choose from a vast selection of 600 works online. Since these
online spaces have little overhead costs they can pass on the price
benefit to end users. Online might be a good place to shop for art, as
you can do it at your own convenience without really having to go
through the vanities of the art fraternity. Whatever your budget, your
taste or your purpose for buying, the Indian art market has something
for everyone. You can pick your artist, vendor, gallery and mode of
buying from a wide range of options available. Acquiring art has
become a lifestyle statement for many young collectors, who derive
their sense of style from the works they buy.


Written by Breathe Arts

February 29, 2012 at 5:58 am

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