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Acquiring Indian Art

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Acquiring Indian Art
The patronage from Indian art has changed many faces since its time of
inception. From the times when the Royal Courts acquired works of art
to when industrialists took over the role to a time when corporates
began collecting works of art,  Indian art has had many patrons from
the time the market evolved. Acquiring art can be seen as a lifestyle
statement for some, a fashion statement for others, an investment
decision for some and a patronising for others. There could be several
different motivators for different people acquiring works of art. The
changing face of patrons and the many motivators behind what might
drive a collection, I think acquiring a work of art has to be your
very own purpose and it has to be about you and your own story. The
value of the work you buy is not important but the connection you feel
with the work you buy, your very own unique story is what collecting
is all about. And hence each collection is as different and unique as
each collector. Indian art today needs patrons and patronage is being
called upon from all kinds of people that might have a passion for
collecting and creating their own story with their collections. We
need passion driven patrons and not mere investors who buy for an
upside alone. Acquiring Indian art is akin to making a statement of
arrival for some. It is the very rare and privileged that have the
large vision to promote, preserve and protect the cultural heritage of
a nation. It take courage and vision to follow through on a passion of
this nature, and the collectors of all time need to be appreciated for
playing the essential role that they have been for all time to come.
This is a tribute to all collectors and their collections that have
helped tell a story about them and their times and helped preserve the
heritage of a nation.


Written by Breathe Arts

February 29, 2012 at 5:57 am

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