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Pradeep Mishra: All life

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Pradeep Mishra: All life

Pradeep  Mishra’s paintings echo a time when we knew we were one while today we defy that knowledge and often choose to be ‘just me’. Peter Louis says Pradeep is immensely talented with wonderful technique, a source of continuous pleasure, with skills sometimes missing in current art. His themes are gentle for he draws lost innocence and our inter-connectedness.

His art is oriented towards the welfare of all life but hardly confrontational. It is so sympathetic that one is simply comforted. He paints calm animals with dark, serene eyes which ask for nothing. An animal does not judge as it gently put its head on a mentally challenged person’s lap! There are no sophisticated adults here, just their innocence and his benevolence towards life, which so many treat so carelessly.

His blood reds remind us of the streams which nourish life and his flat surfaces hold creatures with soft eyes: like a young baby looking at you, almost like the Christ child. Pain and exploitation are visible, but very faintly.

Once people and creatures lived under the same roof: grandparents, cows, horses, assorted kids…. People did not abuse animals as machines or factories. These paintings remind us of our close connection before we moved into cities and forgot the source of our nourishment and comfort.

His tales are of understanding that the world is one, that all life is intermingled and equally sensitive, that love for anyone has to be love for all creatures and that each torment adds to everyone’s.  “It’s about relationship and its healthy growth. Whether it’s about between humans or any other being, I do believe they can never be separated,” he says. He mentions the tethered animals that drowned in Mumbai’s monsoon floods and ponders humanity’s thoughtlessness, reminding us of reincarnation and karma.

What does one leave with after seeing his work? A sense of protective kindness, with a deep comprehension that life is precious, that all our fellow creatures also feel pain and understand delight. All life struggles for happiness and Pradeep paint those who serve and communicate but do not speak.


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February 29, 2012 at 5:56 am

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