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Written by Breathe Arts

August 12, 2013 at 6:06 am

Add Style to your Home or Office Decor with various Paintings!!

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An amazing way to add a bit of classy oomph to your home/office décor is by sinking in the season’s latest trend of accessorizing your walls with vibrant wall paintings . There was a time when, owning an original work of art by renowned artists was a pleasure only available to the high profiled elite, and the extremely wealthy. However, today things are different! Breathe Arts is an Online Indian Art Gallery where you can get access to various paintings by several renowned as well as emerging artists. Breathe Arts offers a vivid wide selection of masterpieces to choose from! Decorating the walls with timeless art works gives an option to refresh or redecorate the rooms simply by moving the paintings around.. A new painting, some new accessories or a new rug can give a room a total makeover at a very reasonable price. Often something as simple as changing a frame on an older painting can refresh the look of the entire room.

A careful choice of art work for any room sets a mood, creates a style, or reflects the owner’s taste and personality. The final results will be personal and individual as well as welcoming and attractive to visitors. India being such an opulent country in terms of Art, the popularity of Indian Paintings has vastly picked up in the recent past! Thus, placing some beautiful original Indian Artworks on the walls of your living room can make your home look stylish and classy. Breathe Arts is an online Indian Art Gallery that showcases and sells Indian Artworks at attractive prices! Everybody likes to decorate their homes in their own way, making sure that their home reflects their persona! Very often today’s younger generation finds it difficult to spot pieces of Indian artworks that they can connect or relate to as Indian Art is mostly more on the traditional front and in mostly appeals to the elder generation. Breathe Arts being an influential online Indian Art Gallery, comes to the rescue of such younkers and the ones you are young at heart always thriving for the fresh and new trends on the block by offering them a collection of Modern Indian Artworks oozing out with freshness. This collection is curated by Durva Gandhi and is christened as Breathe Fresh!

Breathe Fresh is one of the collections exhibited on the website of a virtual Indian Art Gallery- Breathe Arts. Breathe Fresh features fresh work from established, mid-­career and young emerging artists, in India, redefining the notions of Fresh. On ‘Breathe Fresh’, Breathe Arts invites collectors, curators, gallerists and artists to tell them who they think are the hottest artists on the scene! “Breathe Fresh” is targeted at the young collector or those young at heart looking for new trends in the market on whats new, whats cool, whats hot within an affordable range. Featuring established mid­career and young upcoming artists, Breathe Arts predicts what is hot in Indian art, fresh work, by people pushing the boundaries. So, if you want to decorate your home in a way that is classy and unique and keep yourself up to date with the latest trends in the scene of Indian Arts, you know where to be! Log in to http://www.breathearts.com and get access to wide range of artworks on this Online Indian Art Gallery!

Written by Breathe Arts

May 30, 2011 at 10:15 am

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