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Indian Express Pune 11th August launches Secrets of the Art Millionaires!!!

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Indian Express Pune 11th August launches Secrets of the Art Millionaires!!!


Written by Breathe Arts

August 12, 2013 at 6:07 am

Bank your Art

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Indian contemporary art has ventured beyond the eye to the pockets of resplendent connoisseurs around the globe. An evolution of a sort, the Indian contemporary art scene is reclaimed on the endeavor of creating a dialogue between the artists and keen investors. Rendering options from simply buying art and holding it as heritage to investing in art funds has reaffirmed the conviction that Indian contemporary art holds. This appreciation in the value of art has raised the need of diligent curators who can steer and infuse facts with creativity for probing investors. Assuring such unparalleled guidance is a premier online art gallery Breathe Arts showcasing the future of Indian contemporary art and unraveling its potential. Durva Gandhi, a gallerist, curator, collector, publisher and a respected opinion in the Indian Art industry is the promoter of Breathe Arts.

Breathe Arts, the online art gallery promotes awareness, discussion and exposure that facilitates in redefining the dynamics within the art scene converting it into a portfolio that could fascinate even the most discerning deep pocketed number crunchers. The sweet spot that India is riding on has created a generation with spending power that fuels the dream that Indian contemporary art is out to achieve. It has also pursued new promising artists who are supported by reputed galleries like Breathe arts, who endorse young talents along with seasoned riders.

With a soaring disposable income, the promising set of entrepreneurs that India is nurturing are set to explore a diverse portfolio within which Indian contemporary art has found its due position. Such young investors find an established online art gallery like Breathe Arts an ideal platform that showcases an interesting mix of contemporary, modern, tribal Indian art in varied forms like sculpture, painting, photography and installations. The bank accounts are being lightened up by investments in art with careful consideration and strategic analysis assuring returns which is a ray of hope within the crisis that just passed over the economy. But it is essential to review indices and the valuation of funds that one invests into or confirm the authenticity and aesthetics of the art and artist that one wishes to indulge into. Here, an authentic online art gallery like Breathe Arts acts as a catalyst in unifying creativity, profitability and culture from across the globe upon a common dais and makes it a part of the social and economic structure of the society at large.

Written by Breathe Arts

June 13, 2011 at 11:31 am

Online Art Revelations

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Indian art online as a burgeoning industry has transported the way art is experienced as it moves out of the restrained walls of a fine art gallery into a more accessible online art gallery format. With the advent of technology within everyday lives, especially the virtual space, an online art gallery indicates a gradual growth of patronage towards art. Steering this sense of accessibility and seamless flow of creativity is Breathe Arts, an influential trend setter in the Indian Art Industry with a global presence in Dubai, Dusseldorf, London, Mumbai, New York, Sydney.

A confluence of artists articulating genres of contemporary, modern and tribal Indian art, Breathe Arts as a platform holds shows online on http://www.breathearts.com where each show lasts for 6-8 weeks displaying a single artist’s collection or a group of artists playing with a line of thought.

Art is a window that opens into unexplored horizons and holds the potential of shaping the tomorrow that the society endures to see. It has the ability to convert the ordinary into a tale of victorious realities that counters conventional thinking and mediates change. Emanating this strong sense of creative engagement Indian art online transcends the way art is perceived and propagates an artistic intervention within everyday life. A fine art gallery may be the perfect milieu for showcasing an artistic perspective but an online art gallery like Breathe Arts assures the reach that a fine art gallery can fail to give. Also the implied intention to take Indian art online is that art exemplifies the state of our mind and times. It unfolds the deeper layers of the mind and imparts a sense of openness and tolerance towards different perspectives.

Fostering this movement, Breathe Arts pursues this mode of openness through the virtual world where art reaches every home and individual as India yet has a limited footfall within a conventional fine art gallery and museum. Indian art online even brings to the fore the inaccessible world of international art and bridges the gap between the prevalent and imagined. Breathe Arts as a frontrunner in the online art gallery industry knows that a society is made up of what it thinks and its thoughts are made up of what it sees and thus it gives the society the spectacle that it needs to see beyond the mundane.

Written by Breathe Arts

June 13, 2011 at 11:23 am

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